I’m interested in this solution but unsure able to resolve our current issue, what should I do

We can arrange for Demo and Free consultation to ensure you are confident and comfortable before singing up our service.

What type of Internet connection is supported?

Our solution works with any Internet provider Dedicated / Fiber Broadband / DSL Broadband / Wireless Broadband / 4G LTE / Satellite with Fixed or Dynamic or Private IP.

I’m tired to deal with so many parties of ISP in term of billing and technical support, do you provide All-In-One solution?

Yes we could provide you single package with total bundle of SD-WAN including of last mile connectivity of your choice Dedicated Metro-E / Fiber Broadband / DSL Broadband / Wireless Broadband / 4G LTE with single point of contact for billing and support.

Will this solution compatible with our existing Firewall ?

Yes definitely compatible with any Firewall in the market as your Firewall link to our CPE via standard UTP Cat-6 or Fiber SFP / SFP+ so basically your firewall will see our CPE as any standard ISP gateway.

Any internal cabling required from your implementation ?

No as we will provide CPE hardware only which require standard 13Amp power point.

How do I subscribe your service?

You may subscribe from our web ordering portal and alternatively if you wish to discuss in more details with our sales consultant kindly fill up our Enquiry Form or by sending us Email or Live Chat with our representative.

How is your after sales service support ?

As this is subscription based which means that we will cover all relevant technical support including of CPE firmware updates, you may refer to our support helpdesk site for more details.

What happen if your CPE malfunction?

We do provide hardware warranty and depending on the package your subscribe with any onsite advanced hardware replacement otherwise it will be send in RMA.

I have temporary site office need Internet, I’m thinking subscribe SD-WAN Internet with multiple 4G LTE, can I relocate the service every few months?

Yes you may freely relocation the CPE to anywhere you like as our platform license do not tied with your location.

My company don’t have IT personal and we outsource to vendor managing our networking so how can we work this out?

Kindly refer to our Authorized Partner list and they are able to provide you the required sales consultation and technical advice.

We having heavy usage on Internet VoIP and Video Conferencing, recently keep experience bad quality calls dropping and video always freezing, how can this solution help?

First need to evaluate what type of Internet link you are using and we will provide the suitable solution to overcome your challenge especially our QOS mechanism will auto detect traffics from VoIP and Video Conferencing to be highest prioritized so that eliminate other less priority traffics disruption.

We have VPN to overseas using Broadband and the latency sometimes spike causing our RDP freeze, does your solution able to resolve this issue?

Broadband bandwidth throughput and performance is obligate to only domestic traffics and there is no guarantee of International traffic to be optimized due to the fact Internet is public network and routing is subject to upstream provider best effort path and may be changing from time to time. We can provide best effort latency fine tuning which in most cases will solve customer facing high latency issue but again it has to depend on which global destination as not all destination country we have best peering.

Currently I’m having 32 Public IP from ISP so can I subscribe bonding service with maintaining current Public IP?

I’m afraid the only way to enjoy this bonding solution is must use our new assigned Public IP, your current 32 Public IP is leased from respective provider and eventually you need to return to provider when contract is terminated. If you migrate to our Public IP for once and upcoming you can freely choose any last mile provider you like to work with our solution.

Do you mean with your Bonding solution with multiple Broadband we can terminate our existing Metro-E DIA contract?

Our bonding solution works with any ISP thus the combination can be multiple different Broadband provider or Metro-E DIA with multiple Broadband provider, the fundamental of last mile option still at your own preference if you still require any SLA link to meet your corporate requirement.

I need very high redundancy of Internet connection so how many lines can I install ?

Our CPE have various range of WAN ports selection from 3 to 24 WAN ports option, if your requirement is over 24 WAN lines please contact our sales for customization plan.

I need single pipe of 500Mbps Upload for my Offsite DR, I’m going to subscribe 3 x Broadband 800Mbps (Download) / 200Mbps (Upload) so how much total usable bandwidth I will have in bonding ?

Our bandwidth is based on symmetrical Upload / Download with flexible bandwidth speed selection so for your requirement to subscribe our 500Mbps SD-WAN Internet Bonding Service you will able to get both Download & Upload speed of 500Mbps.

We have 2 location connected with Metro-E Point to Point and how can we adapt to this solution?

Subscribe our SD-Private WAN service and both location install our CPE with any Broadband ISP connected, we will provision Layer 2 bonded circuit for you and if you wish to include your current Point to Point into bonding please do so in order to achieve better redundancy and higher reliability.

Our factory is using 100Mbps Metro-E Dedicated Internet with 5 Fixed Public IP, recently most of the executive staff are working from home and our current Internet link is very congested, based on the usage graph we easily need to increase the bandwidth to 300Mbps in order for smooth operation access for remote users and on premises production Cloud ERP, what can you propose ?

If changing of current Public IP is not a concern for you then our answer to your question is pretty straight forward by following below steps,

  • Step 1 : Apply additional Highspeed Broadband from one or two ISP with the bandwidth you deem sufficient. (Some Broadband upload speed may not identical with download speed please check before subscribe)
  • Step 2 : Install our CPE with respective new Broadband connections, configuration and service provisioning will be done remotely or onsite by our certified engineer. (Do not plug in your Metro-E yet until Step 3 is completed)
  • Step 3 : We will provide you fresh new set of Public IP 1 or 5 or 13 or 32 depending on your requirement, configure your Firewall / VPN Gateway / Servers with new Public IP and test your connection speed and stability ensure all relevant production and remote users are back online as usual operation.
  • Step 4 : Unplug your Metro-E from existing router and plug into our CPE next available WAN port, and you are ready to enjoy all WAN ports bonding into single pipe with new Public IP.

I’m a SME company with around 20 staff, unfortunately my office location has 4Mbps (Download) / 512k (Upload) ADSL as the only available ISP and we couldn’t afford for having Dedicated Fiber to resolve our bandwidth insufficient challenge, what proposal do you offer?

Due to your premises location wired ISP infra limitation you may consider to use multiple 4G LTE with our SD-WAN Internet Service to create bonding together with your ADSL, result of throughput depending on your location LTE service quality but I believe after implement this solution if you are able to sustain a stable bandwidth of 30Mbps Upload / Download probably is pretty much resolve your issue.

We have self hosted in house ERP system serving 50 sites branch office running Site to Site VPN, the current Metro-E DIA bandwidth is insufficient and our HQ location already having Fiber Broadband but we can’t make use of the bandwidth at all, any good suggestion for us?

I believe your Site to Site VPN is running IPSEC which client look for HQ Public IP in order to establish the VPN service and your Fiber Broadband has different set of Public IP that you can’t utilize both circuit to accept branches VPN, the solution to this is migrate both of your Metro-E DIA and Fiber Broadband into our SDWAN Internet and all of your branches will establish VPN with our new assigned Public IP where all inbound and outbound VPN traffics will works across both links at HQ.

I’m a Home user using 3 x 4G with traditional load balancer and I have been facing issue with online games lagging and disconnection which very frustrating, can your solution help my case?

If your issue facing is due to load balancer keep switching circuit and some games require persistent connection due to SSL or Source IP tracking then our solution will definitely resolve your issue, as with our solution in place all your 3 x 4G connection will be transformed into Virtually Single Pipe with our Public IP assigned to your Home Router so basically any destination games server detect your source as single and will not disconnect or freezing even though links are switching within the Virtual Pipe.